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Mark Campbell Law
Mark Campbell Law

“I have referred numerous clients to Mark Campbell who were in need of legal advice on some complex debtor/creditor issues involving chapter 11, chapter 13, chapter 7, and general assignments. Each of those clients was more than happy with the creative advice, quality service, and impressive results provided by Mr. Campbell. I will certainly continue to refer clients facing such problems to Mark Campbell Law, as I know Mr. Campbell is more than capable of providing the highest quality of legal services in a cost effective manner.”

Co-owner of a successful accounting firm
Long Beach, California

“I was involved in some major multi-million dollar business dealings from which extensive litigation arose. The parties included some high profile individuals and firms. At one point in the litigation, one of the attorneys representing me suggested we bring Mark Campbell Law on board. I was skeptical at first until I witnessed first hand the remarkable insight Mr. Campbell provided to the case. His contributions were very impressive. He demonstrated an extraordinary ability to develop creative arguments and approaches and then present them to the court orally and in writing in a most persuasive manner. He is truly a gifted attorney deserving of my highest endorsement.”

CFO of a large multi-national franchisor
Orange County, California

"I worked closely with Mark Campbell for several years on an extremely complicated matter. His ability to evaluate the entire picture and anticipate problems for our client, and therefore prevent them, was invaluable to achieve an exceptionally successful outcome, as was his superb oral and written advocacy. I look forward to working with him again."

Experienced attorney at a large firm in Los Angeles, California

“Due to some unfortunate events, including health problems, I found myself awash with debt. I went to Mark Campbell Law for assistance. Mr. Campbell was very helpful, explaining all my options, and recommending what he thought was best for me. I decided to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
Mr. Campbell took care of the rest, guiding me through the entire process. At one point, when a dispute with the Chapter 7 Trustee arose, Mr. Campbell was there to defend me, to be sure I received everything to which I was entitled. It was a pleasure being Mr. Campbell’s client and I would confidently refer anyone in need to Mark Campbell Law, knowing they would be in good hands.”

Aerospace engineer
Huntington Beach, California

"My wife and I decided it was time for me to retire from my successful medical practice of over 20 years. Yet, we were suddenly forced to change our plans when we learned that almost all of our retirement funds had been misappropriated through fraudulent activities of our long time account and investment advisor. We were devastated.

We immediately retained counsel and, based on their advice, filed a complex lawsuit against over twenty defendants and, soon thereafter, ten involuntary bankruptcy petitions. However, our financial nightmare was joined by a legal nightmare when all ten petitions were dismissed and nine were found to have been filed in bad faith. We did not know where to turn.

We initially hired Mark Campbell to handle an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. However, after several impressive strategic suggestions made by Mr. Campbell regarding other matters, we quickly wanted Mr. Campbell to assume a vital role in all our legal proceedings in which tens of millions of dollars were at issue. We were not disappointed. Time and time again, Mr. Campbell's guidance allowed us to avoid legal landmines and obtain recoveries that otherwise might not have been possible.

In sum, of the numerous attorneys (about 44), which helped us extricate ourselves from our legal nightmare, Mr. Campbell was clearly the most valuable of all. Mr. Campbell could see the big picture and create clever and effective legal strategies which, ultimately, caused us to prevail in the more than 25 legal proceedings in which we became involved. We wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Campbell to anyone in need of his legal expertise."

Owner of a medical practice
Laguna Niguel, CA

"I was the owner of a corporation which sold various pet products to large retailers based on patents licensed from me. Unfortunately, my corporation and I were dragged into a protracted patent litigation which bled my corporation dry and paralyzed its business. Eventually, a judgment was entered against me and my corporation in an amount over $600,000. I believed the judgment was in error, yet, by the time an appellate court could review the judgment, the business would be in complete ruin. I turned to Mark Campbell Law for help.

Mark Campbell suggested a unique solution of which I had never heard. Mr. Campbell actually found a way to keep the business intact while my corporation pursued the appeal of the judgment. In the end, the judgment was reversed. As a result, the business was able to regain momentum and become successful again. I have dealt with many lawyers in my time. Mr. Campbell is certainly one of the smartest, most creative, and cost effective attorneys I have ever had the pleasure to employ. I highly recommend Mr. Campbell to anyone without hesitation."

Owner of a pet product supplier
Malibu, CA

"I am an attorney in Orange County, California. I have referred many of my clients to Mark Campbell Law to assist them with their legal needs. Mr. Campbell has always worked hard, utilizing his extensive knowledge of the law, his original thinking, and his negotiation skills to help my clients find the best solution to their financial problems. Having practiced law for over 15 years, I know that all attorneys are not created equal. Mr. Campbell is in a league of his own when it comes to case analysis and creative legal thinking. If there is a legal way, I am confident Mr. Campbell will find it. I will continue to refer my clients with business or creditor/debtor issues to Mark Campbell Law, because Mr. Campbell always makes me look good."

Attorney in Orange County, California


Mark Campbell Law
Mark Campbell Law