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Uniquely experienced in all perspectives of insolvency matters.

Mark R. Campbell of Mark Campbell Law has a masters degree in mathematics from the University of California at Irvine and received his juris doctorate from the University of Southern California School of Law. He is nationally certified as a business bankruptcy law specialist by the American Board of Certification. He has authored numerous insolvency related articles, which have been published in prominent local, state and national legal publications. He has lectured on various insolvency related topics at events posted by the California State Bar and other local organizations. Such lectures were sanctioned by the California State Bar such that all attendees received continuing legal education credits. For over 15 years, he has successfully represented debtors, creditors, trustees, asset purchasers, assignees, assignors, and receivers in a multitude of various insolvency related cases.

Crafting innovative, creative and practical legal solutions to complex insolvency problems.

One clever idea can go a long way in resolving what would appear to be insurmountable problems facing a client. Throughout his life, as a mathematician, software engineer, and attorney,
Mark R. Campbell has demonstrated his unique ability to find solutions when others have given up. Mr. Campbell also understands that an idea has no value if it cannot be implemented practically so as to bring a substantial benefit to the client. Accordingly, as reflected in the testimonials of past clients (some of which are recited elsewhere on this website), clients gain a special appreciation for the creative and cost effective manner in which Mr. Campbell resolves their complex problems.

Providing More than You Expect

The old adage "you get what you pay for" does not mean that legal services must be expensive to be good. There are efficient, cost effective methods to provide necessary services at reasonable rates. At Mark Campbell Law, our desire is to provide our clients with top quality legal services in an affordable manner.

Depending upon the nature and complexity of our work, we have established fees at fixed amounts or at agreed hourly rates. In either case, our clients know in advance the range of expected legal fees and expenses. Because we are sensitive to escalating legal costs, we work with our clients to maintain our fees at reasonable levels and within the budget constraints of their business.

Mark Campbell Law
Mark Campbell Law