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When an ex-husband filed bankruptcy in an attempt to delay and disrupt a marriage dissolution proceeding pending in the family law court, the ex-wife turned to the Firm for help and guidance.

A nondischargeability action was immediately filed to ensure that the ex-husband would not be discharged of any debts he incurred in connection with the divorce proceeding. In addition,
Mr. Campbell arranged for the purchase of assets from the ex-husband’s bankruptcy estate at bargain prices.

Moreover, Mr. Campbell argued that the debtor ex-husband was entitled to exemption monies from the bankruptcy estate and that those monies should be paid to the ex-wife to offset unpaid alimony owed by the ex-husband. The bankruptcy trustee hotly contested this issue claiming that the debtor was not owed any exemption monies. The Bankruptcy Court agreed with the trustee and denied
Mr. Campbell’s request. However, Mr. Campbell successfully appealed the decision such that the higher court reversed the Bankruptcy Court ruling. The ex-wife received the exemption monies shortly thereafter.

Mark Campbell Law
Mark Campbell Law